Small slope-side inn in Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort of Hakuba

Story of Country Joe | Origin of Country Joe

Story of Country Joe

In 1966, Country Joe was built by people from Kanto area who love mountains and skis.

Built as Hutte Asunaro, it was intended for their own use as well as for other guests.

Tsugaike opened the ski resort back in 1963, so it was just the beginning of the history as a ski mecca. Eventually, Tugaike grew into a large and wide ski resort filled with many people. The hut was named with the meaning of becoming something tomorrow, in Japanese.

Winter of 1981 was known as 56 snowstorm with heavy snow.

The women who ran the place decided to give up the place. Next year, we took over, and renamed the place Country Joe. Both the exterior and the interior have drastically changed, but some of the old features from the past days still remain.

Our lodge is small and the rooms do not have television, but many guests still come here because of the convenient location to the resort. We strive to provide better service every day.


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Snowshoe, Telemark skiing

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More ways to enjoy Tsugaike, like on snowshoes.

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Our guests at Country Joe.

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Country Joe

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Origin of Country Joe.

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