Small slope-side inn in Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort of Hakuba

Facilities | Ski Slope right at the base. Japan Alps seen in the distance. 7 guest rooms, maximum capacity at 32 total, 14 parking spots (free).

Amenities of Country Joe

Gondola Eve is 10 seconds away on the skis! For lunch, come to the Curry House!
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Guest Rooms

Relax in kotatsu after skiing.

*Towels, toiletries, and pajamas are not available. Please bring your own personal necessities.
*Dryers are equipped in the washroom.

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Japan Alps and the ski slopes are visible from the windows of the guest rooms.

As the sun sets on Shirouma, Hotaka glows in the dusk...

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Built-in bunk beds are popular among children.

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Looking out of the window of the room by the road,

More mountains are visible in the sky in east behind the pine trees.

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Bath Room

Nothing beats bathing after a day of skiing!

*Water in the hot tub is refilled every day.
*Shampoo, conditioner, and soap are available in the bathroom.
*Dryers are equipped in the washroom.

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Dining Room

Western-style dinners are prepared in hearty volume.

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Training camp

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Please inquire for discounts for large group.

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Snowshoe, Telemark skiing

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More ways to enjoy Tsugaike, like on snowshoes.

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Our guests at Country Joe.

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Country Joe

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Origin of Country Joe.

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Inquiry and booking for Country Joe

Confirmation of availability, plan price list