Small slope-side inn in Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort of Hakuba

Dining | Dining over the view of ski resort at night.


*Photographs are the sample of meals.
*Menu varies daily.


Dinner [Western-style]

*Either meat or seafood may be chosen for children's meal.

Breakfast Rice (Japanese-style) and bread (Western-style) are provided alternately.
Drinks ・Juices ・Draft beer
・Local beer ・Wine, fruit
・Wine ・Shochu ・Sake
Snack served with drinks ・Char Trout
・Grilled rainbow trout
・Otariduke ・Nozawanaduke

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The owner of the lodge is a mountain stream angler, and frequently catches large one.
Fishing season at Himekawa River (Hakuba and Otari) is between March and September. Fishing tickets are available, and we will show you a good fishing spot. Please contact us by phone. (TEL :0261-83-2224)


Training camp

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Please inquire for discounts for large group.

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Snowshoe, Telemark skiing

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More ways to enjoy Tsugaike, like on snowshoes.

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Our guests at Country Joe.

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Country Joe

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Origin of Country Joe.

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Inquiry and booking for Country Joe

Confirmation of availability, plan price list