Small slope-side inn in Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort of Hakuba

Snowshoe, telemark skiing | Fun in the winter in Tsugaike Kogen

Snow trekking

Snowshoes can be used to enjoy hiking on off-piste snow. Putting it on is easy as you just wear it with your hiking boots. With snowshoes, you can see something different from the summer season. snow-shoes imageYou may find tracks of the animals you only see in the winter, and the sceneries are unreal.

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Telemark skiing

Telemark skis is a type of ski which only binds the toe of the boots, and turns are made by positioning a leg in front of the other. It is commonly known as the position ski jumpers take when landing. Unlike alpine skis, which has evolved specifically for downhill, this type of ski is made for traversing the snow mountains freely.


Training camp

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Snowshoe, Telemark skiing

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More ways to enjoy Tsugaike, like on snowshoes.

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Country Joe

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